sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2016

The Oxford Circus Escort that blew my mind

About a week ago I wanted to try out some new thrills, something that will get my blood rushing and that would give me a boost of adrenaline. I was in dire need of something new in my life because everything was getting so dull and boring. This is how I managed to find out about a beautiful place in London where you can set yourself free from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life and just unwind in the company of some of the most beautiful Oxford Circus escorts

So I decided I would try out the services that Nyx Escorts, a very professional and discreet agency that would offer it’s every customer a very personalised and unique experience that would change their lives. I got in touch with them and I told them about what I wanted, a party girl that would also do a level, OWO and striptease. I also informed them that I wanted only a blonde escort, someone that had to be beautiful and open minded and that I am very pretentious and picky. Luckily for them and me they really had someone that fitted all my requirements, her name was Marilyn and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. 

When I first met her I was absolutely stunned by how amazing she looked, she knew exactly how to dress so that her clothes complemented her looks and she knew exactly how to act so that she can become the true definition of sensuality and seductiveness. I was in awe that I was in the company of such a beautiful woman that wanted nothing more than just to make me feel comfortable and to bring joy to my life. All men know how hard it is to find such a woman, but there she was, right in front of me, over a table and drinking a glass of wine with me. It was like I was the luckiest man alive to have such an amazing woman with me that night. 

I absolutely loved every little moment spent in the company of Marilyn, the best Oxford Circus escort there is. Nothing can or ever will compare to how well I felt that night with the amazing blonde escort from Nyx Escorts and how I felt after indulging in the services that Nyx Escorts offer. 

vineri, 18 noiembrie 2016

The Blonde Escorts are the most amazing girls

Only at Nyx escorts you can the most beautiful and amazingly talented London blonde escorts, something that can resemble their magical touch cannot be found anywhere in London. Their open minded and adventurous personalities are what will amaze you every time you choose to work with the most stunning escorts in London. Our girls are so eager to satisfy your every need and requirement that you will want nothing more than just to touch them again and again. Their amazing taste will drive you crazy and their lovely skills will bring joy to your life no matter what your worries are. Their fun and bubbly personalities will spark a flame of lust and passion in your heart and from the moment they touch your body with their magical hands you will feel your senses overload and your heart race.

Let our amazing London Blonde Escort blow your mind away with thrills and feeling you never knew existed, no matter what your fantasies and dreams are we can make them happen, from BDSM to 69 our blond escorts will shy at nothing from showing you the time of your life. They are the definition of true pleasure and satisfaction because they are so dedicated to your sensations that they will never stop until you reach the peaks of climax and ecstasy. Trust us with your inner most guiltiest pleasures and you will receive in exchange the most personalized and unique experiences you could ever ask for. Trust us with your desires and you will see how easy our London blonde escorts will turn them into reality right before your eyes. 

Their stunning bodies are the personification of perfection, lust and
sensuality, they will enchant you with their beauty and eagerness to serve your every need and most exigent requirement. Something like the services that we and our London blonde escorts offer cannot be found anywhere else in London. Settle for nothing less than absolute perfection, settle for nothing less than complete satisfaction and the definition of fun and pleasure with the help of our blondes and you will be met with only top quality services from the most amazing , fun and beautiful women in London. Our business stands on four words, discretion, professionalism, dedication and ambition, thus you can rest assured that you will have only top notch services at low prices because we do not want money to stand in the way of your dreams. Come and work with Nyx Escorts, the best escort service provider in London.

marți, 15 noiembrie 2016

My secretary experience with an Earls Court call girl

I had always fantasised about dominating a secretary at my office, but because I am a true gentleman I did not try this with anyone of my employees that is why, one day I decided I would ask a really professional and discreet escort agency to satisfy this fantasy of mine. I found out of a very good agency that was called Nyx Escorts, they had amazing reviews and testimonials from their customers so I decided that I would give them a shot. I called them and I told them about my fantasy, I have to admit that they pleasantly surprised me with the fact that the person that was on the other line was very friendly and helpful. They suggested I would choose Sophie, a very elegant and petite Earls Court escort that did this sort of things and that looked absolutely amazing.

She came to my office and I knew instantly that I was in for a treat, Sophie looked stunning, she was
wearing a very tight dress that fitted her curves in a very sensual way and she had a very seductive smile that made me want nothing more than to have her then and there. I loved the fact that she brought handcuffs and ropes in her bag and that she was very eager to experiment new thrills with me. She was a really experienced woman in the arts of pleasure and satisfaction and she was extremely delicate and discreet.

This amazing escort from Nyx Escorts performed the best OWO I had ever received in my life and the domination experience I had with her was absolutely top notch. Nothing can or ever will compare to the way she used her magical touch to make me reach the plains of pleasure and satisfaction or how well she knew to use her body to produce levels of ecstasy that I had never encountered before. I enjoyed every moment with this amazing open minded escort and I really loved the fact that we indulged in a ws experience together.

Having a woman like Sophie by your side is an experience you should really try out, especially because someone like her can really make your dreams come true and bring all your fantasies to life. You need to try out the services that Nyx Escorts offers and the benefits of having a really experienced woman by your side. 

luni, 14 noiembrie 2016

Are redhead the most beautiful escorts?

In England you can find the most beautiful redheads in the entire world. It’s in their genes, it’s in their hair, it’s in their souls they have it all, a fiery red hair and an amazing body. But if you want to have the most stunning, amazing redheads in England then you can find them only at Nyx Escorts. Why? It’s simple because we choose our models according to several standards, beauty, experience and talents. We work with only the best women in England just so we can be sure that we offer our every customer a very professional, personalised and unique experience they will never forget. Our amazing London escorts will stun you with their open minds, their bubbly personality and with their eagerness to serve your every need and desire.

The uniqueness of the experiences that we offer is due to the fact that we take into account all your requirements, no matter how exigent they may be just to be sure that we leave no stone unturned in the quest to achieve the ultimate levels of satisfaction for every man that chooses to work with us. The main reason we want to do this is that we, the people from Nyx Escorts and our lovely London redhead escorts understand how important it is to make every one of our customers feel cherished and appreciated. We want you, the reader, to feel satisfied at the end of your meeting with us, we want all your dreams and fantasies to come to life and we want you to taste all your inner most guiltiest pleasures in the company of our redhead escorts.

This is why we work with only the most professional escorts because they are always eager to serve your every  need and desire and they will stop at nothing from providing you with all that you desire. This is why, if you choose to work with us we will show you the true meaning of pleasure, we will take you to the highest peaks of satisfaction and ecstasy and we will make your dreams turn into reality. Nyx Escorts will leave you feeling cherished, appreciated and loved because we care for you and for your experience. Let us provide you with nothing less than quality and excellence and you will feel like a true man in the presence of our lovely London redhead escorts.