marți, 15 noiembrie 2016

My secretary experience with an Earls Court call girl

I had always fantasised about dominating a secretary at my office, but because I am a true gentleman I did not try this with anyone of my employees that is why, one day I decided I would ask a really professional and discreet escort agency to satisfy this fantasy of mine. I found out of a very good agency that was called Nyx Escorts, they had amazing reviews and testimonials from their customers so I decided that I would give them a shot. I called them and I told them about my fantasy, I have to admit that they pleasantly surprised me with the fact that the person that was on the other line was very friendly and helpful. They suggested I would choose Sophie, a very elegant and petite Earls Court escort that did this sort of things and that looked absolutely amazing.

She came to my office and I knew instantly that I was in for a treat, Sophie looked stunning, she was
wearing a very tight dress that fitted her curves in a very sensual way and she had a very seductive smile that made me want nothing more than to have her then and there. I loved the fact that she brought handcuffs and ropes in her bag and that she was very eager to experiment new thrills with me. She was a really experienced woman in the arts of pleasure and satisfaction and she was extremely delicate and discreet.

This amazing escort from Nyx Escorts performed the best OWO I had ever received in my life and the domination experience I had with her was absolutely top notch. Nothing can or ever will compare to the way she used her magical touch to make me reach the plains of pleasure and satisfaction or how well she knew to use her body to produce levels of ecstasy that I had never encountered before. I enjoyed every moment with this amazing open minded escort and I really loved the fact that we indulged in a ws experience together.

Having a woman like Sophie by your side is an experience you should really try out, especially because someone like her can really make your dreams come true and bring all your fantasies to life. You need to try out the services that Nyx Escorts offers and the benefits of having a really experienced woman by your side. 

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